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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  August 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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of the attackers are expected to be charged with felony assault and battery, the elderly man will be called to court too. a witness telling police he swung first. something this wife disagrees with saying he shouldn't be charged because her husband is the victim. i have been married 60 years to this man. he is a very gentle man. how could you do this to your father or grandfather? how could you do this to a man like this? i want these people brought to justice for what they >> reporter: we reached out to the hotel corporation for comment. they say they are looking into it and will get back to us. as for that 79-year-old he will be charge with miss demean all. in fall river, kelly o'hara, 7 news. >> anchor: also following some breaking news here at 6:00 scary mopes for patriots fan fans in foxboro when rob gronkowski leaves practicy. he appears to have suffered an injury during a drill. >> anchor: all we really know is that he never returned to that field. trey daerr is live at gillette
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learning some information. are they revealing anything about gronk, tre? not at this point in time. still a little unclear all we do know is gronk struck a lot of fear into an opposing defense but whenever he leaves practice with an injury that fear is felt within the walls of gillette staium. rob gronkowski one of the most dominant players in the nfl experiencing an injury apparently at the end of practice. the event happening this afternoon, gronk at the end of a pats route on receiving end for tom brady, he camep a bitlism in the joint chicago bears. it was very early and one on one drills, gronk extended himself and then came up a bit holo. never grabbed his calf or hamstring or gave any indication as to what it may be on the field. certainly could be anything. simply unbuckled his helmet then took off over the hill with the assistance of a team trainer. i didn't see him leave to be honest. hope it will rey is all right an we'll see what it is. talk about what he means to this team. he is good player. i mean, all those guys,
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line, we're just trying to come together as a unit and piece together one i did after another and we're on the right track. he was hurt. i mean, you know, gronk, he is just one of the most dominant offensive players in the league and we love to have him out there hopefully he is all right. i didn't even know. >> reporter: gronk of course means a lot to this team. you just heard ron saying you didn't even notice him leave the feel. the focus of this team at this point r happened last week with julian eelman, something we'll touch on later in sports for now recording live outside gillette stadium, trey daerr, 7 news. >> anchor: 7 news will now turn to the weather. nice out there today but the humidity and the threat for strong storms returns tomorrow. it does not feel quite as humid out there today. >> anchor: it's nice but jeremy ruiner is here with the first look at your forecast so run to what we had before with that high humidity? i think so. we'll have a weather system coming into new england which
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in new england. there is not much humidity. i don't want it say it's crisp, dry air but certainly backed off from the last few days. this is where that humidity is today as wells a warm front and so the front will deliver the goods if you will through the day tomorrow with clouds and a scattering of showers and storms as well as higher humanity. here is your time line at 7:00 tomorrow morning. a few isolated showers and storms possible, then as woe work into the afternoon here comes the warm front, now the thing about these warm fronts is sometimes they can lead to thunderm and when you are talking about a rotating thunderstorm the possibility of a tornado is on the table. i don't want to be the boy that cried wolf but i do think there may be stronger thunderstorms in southern new england tomorrow afternoon. more so western new england than our part of the world but here we are tomorrow evening that looks like a stronger storm so the threat is going to be there. we'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. >> anchor: all right, also on 7 a grandmother left alone and forgotten ined is a methuen dialysis center. she was going through treatment this week when employees closed
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health is trying to figure out how this could have happened. amaka ubaka live with details on what the company is now saysing about the incident. amaka? . >> reporter: the i did dialysis clinic was saying this was a mistake a staff member made. we have learned today the department of plague health was here on scene have thing how and why this happened before the family this whole ordeal has been frustrating. this is so unbelievable. to one is going to believe this. >> reporter: this vide the mole fire fighters went into this locked dialysis clinic to rescue an 86-year-old grandmother who had been forgotten and left alone. when she saw my mom and i went we got inside, she said i knew you guys would find me. that broke my heart. >> reporter: erica crosby snapped this picture of her grandmother, maureen perry, temporarily bedridden and had been left in a dark room for three hours. how does this happen? this is patient abandonment. you don't do this. this is like nursing rule 101.
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staff member didn't see any patients in the treatment room and mistakenly believed that all of the patients had left. they also say additional processes and safeguards have been initiate greated to prevent this from happening again about the cross bees say they still aren't satisfied with the clinic's explanation and they are waiting to see what the department of public health's investigation uncovers. if their top priority is happen? >> reporter: the ifly said they were on a conference call with respect tiffs around 4:00 today but they tell me it isn't resolve anything. they say they still have a lot of unanswered questions. for now, live in methuen, amaka u backa, 7 news. >> anchor: we're following more news today. a community coming together to honor an remember a young woman who went out for a jog in broad day light and never came home. today family and friends held a wake for vanessa marcotte just a little more then a week after
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out there somewhere. 7's steve cooper live in fitchburg right now. >> anchor: kim, as you can imagine, this is really a difficult day here in fitchburg this afternoon. look behind us, you can see state and local police are actually positioned outside the funeral home tonight here where steady stream of mourners are gathering to say going it a young jogger who lost her life. just how difficult it was to be in there? very difficult. heartbroken family and friends inclg york came to pay their respects here in fitchburg at the wake for murdered jogger vanessa marcotte. it was a week and a day ago the 27-year-old's body was found in the woods just a half a mile from her mother's princeton hom. we list a daughter 14 years ago. we know what they are going through. terrible thing. you have to have finger on the trigger. still shaken by the unsolved homicide, this avid runner in town and mother of two shows us how he grips the mace
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you really do. you do feel that as well. somehow the serenity of your world and joy around here has been shattered by someone who is maybe a predator. >> reporter: oh as hundreds gather to remember the life of a young woman ly killer the hunt for a killer carries on while residents trial to carry on with their own lives but that's not so easy. are you optimistic even though it's been a week that maybe there would be a break in the case? i do actually of i do believe th continues at this hour, vanessa marcotte will be laid to rest during funeral services tomorrow. meanwhile, the except for her killer conditions tonight. live in if iburg, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: a house goes new flames in a popular summer destination that happened last night on plum island. fire crews throughout the merrimac valley and new hampshire responded to help put how the flames. there are no reports of injuries and no word yet on what caused that fire. >> anchor: let's go into the littlic sewn now. first a live look at the olympic
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we're more than halfway through the summer games? an exciting games, exciting day with an american win on the track. >> anchor: a rhode island native is fighting for a metal on the water. we start with track and field where an american woman has made history. emma coburn ran and jumped her way to bronze in the steeple chase muff to the delight of her cheering section. she crushed it breaking her own american record becoming the first u.s. woman to medal in the in 2008. the men'svilly ball team battled back from the brink of el imin a new hampshire team u.s.a. swept mexico and their time preliminary match today after losing their first two matches. they shock the world beating to ranked brazil, then france and with today's convincing win, they secured a spot in the connor finals which take police on wednesday. luisa chafey unveiling yesterday the event named after the type
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the warwick native and her teammate roared it a third place finish. good enough for a shot at the medal race tomorrow. they talked about their olympics experience so far. it's been incredible. just being pat of team u.s.a. is awesome. being here is beyond awesome. i feel like every athlete says that but it's just so true. you know? you are here you are pat of team u.s.a. with all of these people, it's just incredible being in the ville a, competing, just everything is surreal. >> anchor: the pair is not in metal contention but they can finish as high as fifth overall tomorrow. coming up tonight in prime time allison felix the most decorated sprint father u.s. history will go for gold hot women's 400 meter and simone biles and laurie hernandez will represent the u.s. in the balance team final. earlier today biles posted this collage showing a throw back picture and a current picture of her and hernandez writing funny things is back then we never thought we would be competing at the littlics.
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biles would collect her fourth gold of these games. reporting live in the use room, joe amorsino, 7 news. >> anchor: our coverage of the 2016 summer games does continue coming up next what does it take to be a judo champion? 7's nancy chen takes a lesson from the man who taught kayla harrison her gold winning moves. >> anchor: and this guy? not in florida. little close for comfort. we'll tell you where police
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vo: afscme people is responsible
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>> anchor: an american who trains here in masses is bringing home the gold if judo. women's oh made its first olympic appearance back in 1992. >> anchor: our 7's nancy chen who of course is there in rio covering the olympics for us tried her hand at the sport and shows us what it takes to succeed. art form. kayla harrison has one two livic golds in judo so who better to teach me some basic than her coach. oh isn't for the weak. a fight only those both mentally and physically strong can win. judo lesson one. jim epedro is returning to thely games as the head coach of the u.s. judo team. the owner of pedro's judo center in wakefield is also a former olympian.
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officials olympian already. you get, she gets one in five seconds, the rest of us work a live time for an honorary black belt going on. >> reporter: said he is show minor-league how to battle with the rest of them. a little person can boat a big person provided you use the right technique. i will teach you a throw. >> reporter: it's a one armed shoulder throw. that arm will go underneath and catch this arm. it's not just about arm spending this but balancing the lower body too. this foot is going to step back step and a 10 degree turn later. pulling with your hands, throwing your hips in. i'm not supposed to go down. i was supposed to be throwing him, not me. with that important point clarified, one more try. grab, back up and boom. unlike other martial arts, judo doesn't involve punching or kicking. the guiding principal maximum efficiency with minimum effort.
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nice thick pad of the ready? should i mentally prepare. just relax. despite the hard landing that was actually kind of fun. now the student becomes the master and we spar. anywhere on the uniform. just don't mess up my hair. . >> reporter: have to get my straight. so i won't be tagging home gold any time soon but there are some victories. the hair is still okay though. by the way, i only found out after the shoot that jimmy pedro is the world's foremost authority on gripping. that is a move where you grab each other by the robe. nancy chen, 7 news. >> anchor: nancy, great job as always. all right. hey, our weather forecast we have some scattered showers and storms on the way for tomorrow. storms on the way for tomorrow. details are up next. for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all stop & shop produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess.
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>> anchor: a wild h dartmouth, mats where officers found this six foot long boa constrictor on the street. police believe the boa is an escaped pet and now they are looking for its owner in the dartmouth area. officers and fire fighters helped wrangle this snake on saturday night. it's now in the care of local animal control which says it's a good thing they found the snake because boa's cannot survive in the wild in new england.
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81678 plymouth 84. the city reached 90 degrees this afternoon but unlike the last few afternoons where the temperatures were in the 90's the dew point does were down foot 50's so not nearly as humid as it has been. here is that muggy air dc at 75. these are dew point temperatures. cincinnati 73. and this humidity is creeping and it's going to start working back up into new england during the day tomorrow because of this storm system right here which will pass to the north of us, but this warm front tied to that storm, that will come tomorrow bringing humanity as well as more clouds and the risk of scattered showers and storms and some of the storms may be feisty. overnight tonight no storm threat tonight, 66 to 71. tomorrow a lot of clouds and a few peeks of sunshine, a scattering of showers and storm again so some of you may go most of day and not hear one rumble of thunder. there will be one of those after i think but it will be a day we all feel more humidity. once again through sovereign new england 82 to 87. so your time line tomorrow
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morning, i don't think it's a big deal early in the day and then here comes that warm front and as the warm front is moving through southern new england, it is going to pop scattered showers and storms and sometimes these warm fronts will interact with these thunderstorms and try to energize them and give them a little more energy and so we may have a couple of strong to severe thunderstorms. more so i think western new england than our part of the world but even late tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow evening there may be some stronger storms that approach the coastline. the te think is the heavy rain because again the air is turning tropical with all of that moisture so there may be some locations where you get a quick two or three inches of rain and just a short apt of time. we saw that on saturday in shirley. wind might be an issue as well. hail not as much of a threat and again there is a slight chance that one or two of these storms may try to rotate. i think the best chance of those rotating storms will be back through western new england but that's not to say one or two may try to find their way up into our pat of the world late tomorrow afternoon.
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for tomorrow. lower 80's, wednesday morning clouds you see that breezy on wednesday that helps to get rid of the humidity during the day. temperatures wednesday and thursday mid and upper 80's. the weekend right now looking awesome. see you at 7:00. >> anchor: after tom brady robbed gronkowski is arguably the player the patriots can least afford to lose so some level of panic is appropriate with the all pro tight end leaving today's practice early after pullin drill. gronk departing in the middle of some 7 on 7 work. he came up a little general jerkly after failing to haul in a pass from tom brady. gronkowski went off on the side and worked with trainers before heading into the l locker room. trey daerr has more on gronk from foxboro. >> reporter: for a second straight week patriots getting another injury scare if in practice. last week julian edelman and this week rob gronkowski. even though patriots nation may be holding their completive breath but for whatever reason it's something the players don't even notice.
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things going on in practice. you have a million things to worry about about yourself. ifyou see it, you see it of it just kind happens that way. you think about so many things what the next period is, what happened if the last period and it's just tough to see everything i guess. >> anchor: so gronk status a bit up in the air one thing that is sure to not change the patriots almost certainly going to be very cautious with him moving forward just as they have all preseason. recording outside gillette stadium, trey daerr, 7 sports. >> anchor: red sox hit the road this week plg four cities. boston, chief land, baltimore and detroit including today's makeup game against the indians. david ortiz getting a hug from terry francona during a pregame ceremony honoring big papi. tito not feeling too friendly after this though. top of the six ortiz erasing a one run deficit with one swing of the bat of a two run home run off josh tomlin. his 17th of the season red sox up 2-1. two batters later jackie bradley junior follows papi's lead. he launches one dope and gone to
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jbj. sox in control 3-16789 drew bomb rants pitched and two-thirds innings of two run ball but craig kim bra made him sweat it out before ultimately getting abraham to pop up and end the threat. sox take care of the tribe 3-26789 now it's on to baltimore if aic quick two game set. team u.s.a. blowing a wait field down in rio leading the medal count with 7167892. china in second with 46 and great britain third with 41. back to cleveland francisco landoro a good shore in his own right but xander bogaerts but the better of him now coming up with a stop to end thics this thinking. the beauty gets our play of the day. and boston college giving men's basketball coach jim christian a chance to rebuild the program adding an additional year to his contract. that's sports.
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tonight, relentless disaster. 20,000 rescues as floodwaters carve a deadly path of destruction. emergency shelters packed as we see the mammoth scale of devastation. residents running for their lives as ground in california. firefighters unleash a massive attack. extreme vetting. donald trump's new ideological test for immigrants, what he said today about allowing only people who support our values to enter the u.s. trapped by war. richard engel with a report inside aleppo, treating syria's children who fill bed


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